Cake Integration Guide

Modified on Wed, 22 Jul 2020 at 02:39 PM

If you'd like to integrate CheddrSuite with your Cake POS system, you will first have to upgrade your account to the PRO level.

1. Upgrade your account to the 'Pro' level.

  • Click Settings from the main sidebar menu
  • Click Account
  • Click Edit
  • Select Pro

2. You will be asked to update your payment details.

3. Under the POS Integration select your POS type as Cake

4. CheddrSuite will send you and Cake an email. 

5. With about 3 business days, Cake and Cheddr will connect and start pulling your data into the system. You will receive an email when the user data has finished importing into the system.

6. Go to the Staff page on the left hand nav. Then go to Import Staff to finalize the import and add any additional needed information (email or phone) and confirm that the information is correct.

To use CheddrSuite to it's fullest, we strongly recommend that you make sure each employee has an email address or phone number associated when importing them.

Integration Notes:

Many of CheddrSuite's features require employees to be able to log into the platform. For employees to log in, they will need an email address or phone number attached to their account. Once the data has been imported, you will be able to confirm which users you are importing and add email information onto their account if none was included in the import.

We will match imported employees to users in CheddrSuite by email address. If a different email address or no email address is used in your POS, then a duplicate user may be created. Data received from the POS for users will overwrite data manually entered in CheddrSuite for those users.

Imported Data Includes:

User Profile Data - we will import any data on the user that we are able to get from your POS

Pay rate - will not be imported, but we will be able to calculate how much an employee made per shift while the time-clocks segment is turned on. We will have a very close average for the employee's wage

Jobs - the user's job description will be imported.

System role - users will be imported as an employee, please update the user's permission levels in CheddrSuite if the user needs higher privileges

Shift Data

If the "Import Shifts" setting is turned on, then we will import shift data in an ongoing manner to jump-start shift building in CheddrSuite.


Time-clocks will be imported and updated hourly. User breaks are not currently tracked in CheddrSuite.

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