New Features:
  • New POS integrations are now available. The complete list has been added to (
  • Additional POS integrations features are available, import employees, import employee schedule, time clocks. Integration options vary by POS.
  • Increased the page load speed of the staff module.
  • A new confirmation screen is displayed when a new POS integration is configured. The page provides additional details and instructions for each integration.
  • Added information text to the pricing page.

Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved issues that affected the creation and editing of employee time cards.
  • Removed an error preventing the editing of quiz questions.
  • Event email and text message reminders are now sending when scheduled.
  • Sales Report graph updated to ensure COGS are correctly accounted for.
  • Sales Report graph calculation error has been corrected.
  • The Profit & Loss report was updated to correctly display business expenses.
  • Scheduled costs are now displayed on the PayRoll Reports.
  • SKU Inventory re-order points feature has been updated to ensure a purchase order is generated when inventory counts are below the re-order point value. Added helpful content to better explain the system logic. 
  • Removed unneeded questions from account creation process.
  • A minor user permissions settings error was resolved.