Enhancements/New Features

  • Changed text on import tool to reflect that we “import up to two weeks of historical net sales data”
  • Updated the link in reports section when user is in basic mode to drop the user on package list instead of edit location
  • Updated P&L from previous format to something more standardized. Updated to allow all Cogs categories to show up in the P&L under the cogs group. Updated so expenses categories show up in P&L under expenses group
  • Accounts with a cancelled status will no longer send daily email or send standing order emails
  • Updated the styling on multiple buttons system-wide

Bug Fixes

  • Slider on checklist fixed to allow integers larger than 100
  • Checklist creation bug where creating a checklist at the last day of the month on months that had more days than the current month would change the date to two months has been patched