If you'd like to integrate CheddrSuite with your POS system you will have to upgrade your account to the PRO level.

1. Upgrade your account to the 'Pro' level.

  • Click Settings from the main sidebar menu
  • Click Account
  • Click Edit
  • Select Pro

2. You will be asked to update your payment details.

3. Under the POS Integration click 'Change Provider or Set Api Keys' and select Omnivore. Then select your POS type:

  • Agilsys InfoGenesis
  • Dinerware
  • Maitre’D
  • Micros 3700
  • Micros Simphony
  • Micros Simphony First Edition
  • NCR Aloha
  • POSitouch
  • Squirrel
  • Xpient
  • Other, or Brink

4. CheddrSuite will send you an email. Please follow the link in the email. ( https://connect.omnivore.io/invite/CHEDDR )

5. Download an application

6. Create an account with Omnivore

7. Set up a time for the integration with Omnivore. Make sure to be available at the restaurant/back end server during this integration

8. CheddrSuite will update and begin pulling data within 72 hours.