New Features:
  • New credit card management system and improved billing system logic. This reduces the number of billing emails and prevents instances of failed billing charges.
  • Standing Purchase Orders are now automatically listed in the received purchase orders list.
  • Log notes can be entered without the requirement to enter sales data.
  • The inventory quantity report gives an instant snapshot detailing product quantities, price, and overall inventory value.
  • Unassigned shifts are now listed on the printed employee schedule.
  • Unassigned shifts will be listed on the trade board so employees can request to pick-up the shift.
  • New permissions setting can hide unpublished schedules from staff so ┬áthe schedule is only visible once it is finalized and published.
  • Management is notified if an employee request time off before the Days In Advance time-frame.
  • Calendar system has been enhanced with a 'under-the-hood' system upgrade.

Bug Fixes:
  • Menu items image upload is now working again