As we all know, restaurant margins are usually pretty slim and cost control is always a major concern. After labor, food costs are typically the largest expense for restaurants. Most restaurants have relatively tight inventory-control policies.  CheddrSuite Inventory helps your business stay in the green.  There are two ways to begin taking inventory on CheddrSuite,

1-Manual Sync: If you have set up a Square integration with CheddrSuite, all you have to do is hit

 MANUAL SYNC     on the Inventory page and it will pull all of your menu items in from your Square account.

2-Start from Scratch:  

A) Set up "Inventory Locations"

B) Add "SKU's" for each item ordered in your business

C) Begin taking inventory by clicking "Take Inventory"

Recipe Blocks allows you to create a "block" for several items that repeat on your menu.  Example: A Burger topping block could contain lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles.

Purchase Orders allows you to generate an order.  A suggested purchase order will be generated from your inventory and par levels. The suggested purchase order can be adjusted to add more or less of any particular item.  When the purchase order is generated, the items will be ordered from each specific vendor you have saved it to under the SKU.