To make a Schedule

  1. Click on the Schedule tab.


  2. Click on the week you would like to make the schedule for on top of the page.
  3. Click on the Add Shift icon. 

  4. The Add Shift information form will open in a new window.
  5. Select a Position. You can add, delete, and change the position titles in the Setting tab.
  6. Select a Start Time and End Time by clicking in the Start Time and End Time boxes to pull down a time menu.
  7. Select what day(s) you would like to have the shift created on.  As you select the days you will start to see staff members pop up on who are available to work, would prefer not to work or cannot work.  The shift and staff availability is set in the Staff tab.
  8. Click the Add Shift icon to save. 
  9. Complete a Schedule by continuing to add shifts and assign them to your team, until you have an entire week set.
  10. You can save a Schedule Template, Copy a Schedule to a new week, or past the previous week's schedule to the next week using the icons on the top of the Schedule Tab.