Trade Board Overview

The Trade Board is where staff can post, swap, and pick up shifts. Trades require manager approval before they are final. 

An employee can view posted Trades on his or her Dashboard tab under the My Schedule section. Here, an employee can view his or her Posted Trades, Trade Pickups, Time Off Requests, Eligible Trades, and Requested Pickups by clicking on the icons. 

Managers who have access to approve trades will see Pending Schedule Requests on the Dashboard tab. The manager can click on the icons to view All Trades or respond to trade Pickups and Time Off requests. 

How Staff Initiates a Trade

Within the schedule, Staff members can click on their shift to see options to give it up or trade it.

If they'd like to trade for a specific shift, they select the desired shift assigned to the other staff user.

The other staff user must then decide to accept trade or reject it.

If the other staff user accepts the trade, it must then be approved by management. 

How A Manager Approves or Denies Trade

On the Dashboard, the Trades To Approve section will indicate if there are employee trades to approve.

On the Trade Approval Board, management can respond to the trade by approving or denying it.